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What’s worse than your sister dating your best friend?
That… times four!
Just ask Conner Dixon.
His four younger sisters are falling in love with his four best friends.
What did he do to deserve this?

Conner Dixon is an up and coming ace paramedic for the same hospital where Ben Torres, Sam Bradford, Mac Gordon, Dooley Miller and Kevin Campbell work. In fact, he’s filled in on the crew in the past and once made the mistake of hitting on Sara, Mac’s wife.

Now Conner has his own crew, but his path crosses with the Bradford guys’ on a daily basis at the hospital and at Trudy’s, the popular bar across the street. And once the guys find out that Conner’s the quarterback on the amateur league team, the Omaha Hawks, they almost never miss a game. Not only do the guys love giving Conner a hard time, they—of course-- can’t keep their advice about women and relationships to themselves. And then there’s Sam, who’s heart goes out to a guy with four sisters. Especially sisters who look and act like Conner’s do.


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the introductory story that bridges the
Bradford series and the Counting On Love series


The Characters: Conner is the older brother to four—that’s right, four—sisters. He is also best friends with four of his teammates. Unfortunately for Conner, those sisters and those friends end up interacting. A lot.

erin nicholas's she's the oneryan
Book One: She’s the One
June 11, 2013
Amanda Dixon (Conner’s oldest sister) and his friend and fellow paramedic Ryan Kaye.






erin nicholas's it takes twoshane
Book Two: It Takes Two
Sept 17, 2013
Isabelle Dixon (Conner’s third sister) and his friend Shane Kelley, a local cop. Who also happens to be Isabelle’s ex… and the reason that Conner has enacted his Hands Off The Sisters rule with all of his friends. (For what good it does).





erin nicholas'sBest of Threenate
Book Three: Best of Three
November 19, 2013
Conner’s second sister, Emma Dixon and his friend Nate Sullivan, an ER physician at St. Anthony’s (he works with Ben Torres).







erin nicholas's going for fourcody
Book Four: Going for Four
February 2014
Olivia Dixon (the youngest of the Dixon girls) and Conner’s friend Cody Madsen, the fire Chief, who’s also her boss.







erin nicholas's up by fiveconner
Book Five: Up by Five
April 2014
Conner Dixon and Gabrielle Evans—a fellow paramedic and long-time friend of Conner’s and the crew.






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