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bradford extras

(aka, some things you might find mildly
interesting about Erin Nicholas' series the Bradfords)
(or not)


behind the scenes

Writing the Bradford Series

Developing the stories & characters, who is Erin's favorite hero and why was it so long before Dooley and Kevin's books?

Why set the books in Nebraska?

Maybe Nebraska doesn't seem like the sexiest setting in the world, but there are good reasons for using Omaha as the main setting along with the small, fictional towns of Oscar and Grover.


I don't always have specific pictures of my characters. Very often, they only exist in my imagination. But once in a while I do find someone that looks so much what I've seen in my mind that I keep the picture close by :. I don't want to post any photos that I don't own, but there are some images out there that served as inspiration during writing the Bradfords, so thought I'd share them for anyone interested in Googling them.

When I think of Ben Torres I imagine him looking very much like Derek Jeter (the short stop for the New York Yankees).

In my mind, Mac Gordon looks very much like Dwayne, the Rock, Johnson-big, bald:, and solid.

Dooley looks a lot like Michael Vartan. Well, younger, but still...

Kevin looks like Jed Hill. I found pictures of Jed when I was searching for hot football players (I don't think he's actually a football player but... I'm not sure it matters :) and well... I'm sure you'll agree he's yummy!

Morgan, to me, looks like Hilarie Burton-when she's on White Collar specifically : (redhead and a little older than her stint on One Tree Hill)

Deleted scenes from Just Right

Remember Mario and Sophie, two of the kids from the Bradford Youth Center? In the first version of Just Right, they had a few more scenes and we got to see some things in Mario's point of view.

bradford characters

Who's Who

A guide to all the major characters in the series

The Relationships

An Erin Nicholas original diagram of how all of the major characters are related and connected

Best Lines

The best lines from each character (as suggested by readers)


Fun Links

Adult toy stores that Sara and Mac (okay ALL of them) would love-including flavored body powder!

T-shirts Dooley would love

Do It Yourself links Dani would love


Frequently asked questions about the Bradfords and Friends

bradford trivia

How Well Do You Know The Bradfords?



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