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The Billionaire Bargains  :  The Boys of Fall Series  :  Anything & Everything series  :  Single Title Books
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Printable book list is available for download in pdf format.

Most Recent Releases:

erin nicholas' getting to the church on time

Getting to the Church on Time
(Sapphire Falls Novella)

erin nicholas's Getting Over It

Getting Over It
(Sapphire Falls Book 6)

erin nicholas's Getting To Her

Getting To Her
(Sapphire Falls Bonus Novella)


Sapphire Falls

Visit the Sapphire Falls page!

Printable Sapphire Falls book list

erin nicholas' getting out of hand
Getting Out Of Hand
(Sapphire Falls, Book 1)

erin nicholas's getting worked up
Getting Worked Up
(Sapphire Falls, Book 2)

erin nicholas's getting dirty
Getting Dirty
(Sapphire Falls, Book 3)

erin nicholas's getting in the spirit
Getting In The Spirit
(Sapphire Falls, Christmas Novella)

erin nicholas' getting in the mood
Getting In The Mood
(Sapphire Falls, Valentine’s Day novella)

erin nicholas' getting it all
Getting It All
(Sapphire Falls, Book 4)

erin nicholas' Getting Lucky
Getting Lucky
(Sapphire Falls, Book 5)

erin nicholas' Getting Over It
Getting Over It
(Sapphire Falls, Book 6)

erin nicholas's getting to her
Getting To Her
(Sapphire Falls, Bonus Novella)

erin nicholas's getting to the church on time
Getting to the Church on Time
(Sapphire Falls, Novella)



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Counting On Love

erin nicholas' just count on me
Just Count On Me
(Counting On Love Series Prequel)

erin nicholas's she's the one
She's The One
(Counting On Love, Book 1)

erin nicholas's it takes two
It Takes Two
(Counting On Love, Book 2)

erin nicholas's best of three
Best Of Three
(Counting On Love, Book 3)

erin nicholas's going for four
Going For Four
(Counting On Love, Book 4)

erin nicholas's up by five
Up By Five
(Counting On Love, Book 5)


The Bradfords

just right
Just Right
(Bradfords, Book 1)

just like that
Just Like That
(Bradfords, Book 2)

just my type
Just My Type
(Bradfords, Book 3)

in the works
Just The Way I Like It
(a short free read)

Just For Fun
Just For Fun
(Bradfords, Book 4)

just a kiss
Just A Kiss
(Bradfords, Book 5)

just what i need
Just What I Need
(The Epilogue. A Bradford novella.)


bradford extras



The Billionaire Bargains

erin nicholas' no matter what
No Matter What
Nov 4th, 2014

erin nicholas's what matters most
What Matters Most
Dec 16th, 2014

erin nicholas's all that matters
That Matters

Feb 10th, 2015


The Boys Of Fall




Anything & Everything

Anything You Want
Anything You Want
March 2011

Everything You've Got
Everything You've Got
March 20th, 2012




Single Title books:

erin nicholas's A Dare Worth Taking
A Dare Worth Taking
(a novella set in the Carly Phillips Dare to Love Kindle World! )

erin nicholas's Hitched
(Part of the Promise Harbor Wedding series)

erin nicholas's Hotblooded
November 8, 2012



coming soon


erin nicholas' getting wound up
Getting Wound Up
March 2016

erin nicholas' Boys of Fall
more from the Boys of Fall series with Mari Carr and Cari Quinn!
July 2016

erin nicholas' twisted up
Twisted Up, book one of a NEW series from Erin Nicholas and Montlake Romance
August 2016

erin nicholas' grand central publishing
book one of another NEW series from Erin Nicholas and Grand Central Publishing!
December 2016



erin nicholas

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