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Erin Nicholas, Sapphire Falls
Coming 2017!

After You

Erin Nicholas' After You

~ A fun and frisky addition to the Sapphire Falls series ~

Only one thing has not gone according to Kyle Ames' grand life plan.

Hannah McIntire.

She was his first love, the woman he planned to make his wife, the one that got away—all that romantic crap that ended up biting him in the ass.

Two years ago, Hannah broke his heart and ruined all of his dreams… not necessarily in that order. Which has been, well, not exactly fine, but it's been something Kyle can, well, not exactly forget, but he's handling it because he doesn't have to see her every day.

In fact, Kyle had kind-of hoped to keep up with the not-seeing-Hannah thing for at least a couple more years. Or a couple more decades. Or forever.

But now she's back in town to help her grandmother, Kyle's patient and one of his favorite people, recover from hip surgery. Okay, so two things haven't gone according to Kyle's plans.

It's only for six weeks. Surely Hannah can survive living in her hometown, facing her family, and seeing Kyle again for six short weeks. But it won't hurt to have a pretend boyfriend, her best friend Michael, along. Everyone thinks he's the reason she's been gone for the past two years anyway. Having him there are a buffer will be good. Just in case her family won't talk to her. Or she feels the urge to spill all of her secrets. Or she has the urge to take her clothes off for Kyle. Little things like that.

But it quickly becomes apparent that she and Michael are never going to be able to convince the people who know Hannah best that they're madly in love. Which means she might just have to tell Kyle what really happened two years ago. And she's just not quite ready to confess all of the ways she majorly screwed up. And all the ways things can never go back to the way they were.

Kyle—and her own grandmother—are certainly not making anything easier by constantly, purposefully, reminding Hannah of everything she misses about Sapphire Falls.

And then there's the not-so-tiny complication of falling in love with Kyle all over again. And the fact that he's falling for her too. And that they're both realizing that maybe this time they're doing it right.



© copyright Erin Nicholas, 2017


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